Installing Python#

Installing miniconda#

Download and install Miniconda3 to create virtual environments using the conda manager. A virtual environment is a Python environment such that the Python kernel, all libraries and scripts installed into it are isolated from those installed in other virtual environments. Miniconda is a scientific python distribution which comes with the some scientific Python packages already built in. Follow the OS-specific installation instructions. Test if conda was successfully installed with the following

conda --version

If this doesn’t show the conda version, please refer to the references for troubleshooting below.

Installing mamba#

Next, install the mamba package manager, which replaces conda and is much faster. For detailed installation instructions and user guide refer to the documentation. In short, do the following:

conda install -c conda-forge mamba

and test the installation with

mamba --version

For instance, to create a new Python 3.7 environment and install spyder:

mamba create -n new_env python=3.7
mamba activate new_env
mamba install -c source-forge spyder

Troubleshooting references#

Consult these references if you have trouble installing Miniconda (they are discussing Anaconda, but the same applies for Miniconda):